Welcome to our journey! With 2 children, and full-time jobs, our lives are very busy. I will be sharing what works for us, and tips and tricks I have learned being a family of four!

Home Decor and DIY

My husband and I both work together to flip houses. He is the manpower, and I do the design and decorating. I will be sharing all of our projects with you!

Food and Fitness

I am a Beachbody Coach and Whole30 enthusiast. I feel my best when I eat right, and exercise frequently. I am passionate about helping others meet their goals. Join me in your quest for a healthier you!

Fall into Fitness Challenge is Here

My friend Lauren and I are teaming up to host a fitness challenge group starting October 9th. We are both Beachbody coaches, and passionate about helping others reach their goals. Our group consists of daily accountability, Shakeology, recipes, meal plans, prizes and a strong network of men and women striving towards one common goal- self confidence. Get your spot in our group today! Learn more here