October Fall Fitness Challenge

October Fall Fitness Challenge

It is October! Fall is my favorite season, and I cannot wait for all the fall festivities to begin around our home. This month I am jumping back into the Whole30 program. I have been diagnosed with stomach ulcers for the 2nd time, due to stress and my diet. It is time for the entire Flinn household to get back into a healthier routine. Starting October 9th, I am hosting a Fall Fitness Challenge with my friend Lauren. We are both Beachbody coaches, and have a strong desire to help women trying to find the right program for them.

When being apart of Fall Fitness Challenge

  • Sample meal plan and downloadable template
  • Customizable grocery list
  • Prizes
  • Accountability
  • Recipes
  • Live videos
  • Tips and tricks to handle, cravings, on the go meals, and traveling advice

I do believe it is crucial to have a partner when making a drastic change that affects your daily life. If this sounds like something you are looking for, do not hesitate to reach out to me. Knowledge is power, and feeling good in your own skin? Priceless!!



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