Go-to lunches

Go-to lunches





Hello everyone!

One of my biggest struggles before I started Beachbody coaching was meal planning. I struggled grocery shopping, cooking, and we had NO budget for food and eating out. Watching my mentors and other coaches have success through meal planning kick started my drive to get back on track. I spend part of my Sundays meal planning/meal prepping for the week. I will be sharing my weekly meal plans starting October 9th, as well as my workout schedule for the week, each week! I cannot wait to see what y’all think!


Today, I wanted to share a few ideas for quick go-to lunches. First, here is my favorite “lunch box” that I love and recommend to you all.

  • 1 packet of tuna, 2 cups of spinach, 3 small peppers, and a purple (BB portion cups) of grapes
  • 2 reds of rotisserie chicken, 2 blues of avacado, 1 purple of strawberries, 1 green of small peppers
  • 1 turkey burger, 1 green of carrots, 1 purple of pineappe or melon
  • Shakeology with spinach, almond butter, and cinnamon
  • 1 90 calorie packet of pistachios, 1 green of peppers, 1 purple of grapes
  • 1 turkey burger, 1 blue of avacado, 1 apple, 1 orange of PB
  • 1 red shredded chicken, 2 green spinach, 1 orange dressing, 1 blue avacado or cheese, 1 purple strawberries or melon

Any variations of these will work! What are your go-to lunch options? I would love some more options!





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